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John Stewart, barefoot trimmer based near Dumfries, south-west Scotland, accepting clients from April 2016.

(Also available for second opinions and clinics.)

John Stewart Trimming Horse Feet

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One-to-one instruction
When I trim, I am keen to explain to owners the principles of trimming the feet of their horse for what it is required to do. Some owners have an interest in becoming involved in trimming their own horse’s feet. I am happy to extend the advice I give for an owner to carry out ‘maintenance’ trims in between my routine visits, and this advice would often be included in my trimming charge (up to ¾ hour). For owners who are interested in taking this further and wish to trim their horse’s feet. See All Services


I do not ‘shoe’ horses, however, I am very happy to meet up with your Vet and/or farrier/trimmer to discuss a problem case, whether shod or ‘barefoot’.
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I am very happy to give clinics and talk about any aspect of horses’ feet. Can be ‘understanding your horse’s feet’, ‘Foot lameness’, ‘Laminitis, If anyone would like me to give a clinic, whether in my local area or beyond then please Contact. See All Services

John Stewart is the author of ‘Understanding the Horse’s Feet’ (Crowood Press 2013). He was inducted into the International Equine Veterinarian Hall of Fame in 2012 (Sponsored by the American Farriers Journal)’

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  • THE ‘LEDGE’ Fig1: In my previous article, I described how the perimeter of the sole has greater rigidity because of its attachment to the hoof wall, and provides a ‘ledge’ for the solar border of P3 to rest on.

    The Ledge – Supporting P3

    This article appeared in American Farriers Journal May/June 2014 pp 68-70

    There seems to be some disagreement between hoofcare professionals as to the role of the sole in weight-bearing. To suggest that the laminar attachment of P3, with transference of the horses weight to the ... Read more...


    This article on EMS was written for the Natural Horse Magazine (Vol 16 Issue 1 Jan/Feb/Mar 2014 pp20-23)[Some aspects of EMS were covered in greater depth elsewhere in this magazine. (A Horse Guardian’s Guide to Feeding a Metabolically Challenged Horse. – Stephanie Krahl) + (A Lesson in Blood ... Read more...

  • ‘Conditioning’ of the horse’s feet ‘Conditioning’ of the horse’s feet_1

    This article was in the ‘web-exclusive’ content for the May/June American Farriers Journal
    Having been shovelling dirt on this hot and sunny afternoon, it brought to mind thoughts about the ‘conditioning’ of horses’ feet. It is not just when a horse has its shoes removed to work ... Read more...

John Stewart and Hickory
John Stewart – Author of “Understanding the Horse’s Feet”


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Understanding The Horses Feet By John StewartBy John Stewart

“Well presented and written, the author has made clear what so many others have managed to obscure.”