Understanding the Horse’s Feet by John Stewart

Understanding the Horses Feet by John Stewart

“Not only is this book very easy to read but it is superbly illustrated with 228 colour photographs and diagrams. At only £25 it really should be on every horse owner’s bookshelves.” – Mary Moores (Editor – Horse owner)

What a delight to read such an open-minded, in-depth, veterinary hoof book. This extensive book was written to be understandable by regular horseowners, but is comprehensive enough to delight advanced professionals. John Stewart’s extensive up-to-date research makes this book invaluable to both professional trimmers and barefoot owners/advocates. This book is now on my shelf as an important resource. – Yvonne Welz The Horses Hoof Magazine

Great news to have a British vet understand feet, the importance of a correct barefoot trim and the role of insulin resistance in laminitis! From only £20 for a full colour hardback version of Understanding the Horse’s Feet, this book deserves a place in every vet, farrier/trimmer and horse owner’s library. – The Laminitis Site (UK website

It was a welcome change to read a book on the foot that was well referenced with an extensive bibliography. Publishing references not only indicates an author who does not believe that he is the only one to have thought about the subject, but shows good manners. – American Farriers Journal Dec 2013 Reviewer Simon Curtis

“’Understanding the Horse’s Feet’ is a book written for the horse owner to explain the complex subject of the horse’s foot, hoof care and the plethora of conditions that affect it. The author is a British veterinary surgeon who has been deeply interested in this subject for many years, and is a frequent attendee at farrier conferences. – THE FORGE (August 2013)

Through this book, horse guardians will gain the confidence they need to effectively discuss foot related issues with their veterinarian and hoof-professional. – The Natural Horse Magazine (Jan 2014 – Vol 16 Issue 1)

Excellent book for horse owners, trimmers and equine therapists. We can all benefit from a better understanding of hoof balance and its importance to the well being of the horse

As a owner of breeding and riding horses, I feel it’s a must for all owners to understand the horses foot. As a owner I keep an open mind to learning. My farrier drives several hours to work on my horses. Why? Because most the farriers around my area can’t answer the how’s and why’s. I have learned to look at the feet in a new perspective from reading this book. I especially was thrilled with his chapter on IR. I am hoping John Stewart will host some clinics in the near future.