John Stewart Services

Horse feet trim

Horse feet trim:       £40.00   + travel          (please contact for a quote)


One-to-one instruction

Some owners have an interest in becoming involved in trimming their own horse’s feet. When I trim, I am keen to explain to owners the principles of trimming the feet of their horse for what it is required to do.  I am happy to extend the advice I give for an owner to carry out ‘maintenance’ trims in between my routine visits, and this advice would often be included in my trimming charge. For owners who are interested in taking this further and wish to trim their horse’s feet, I can provide one-to-one instruction.

I do not ‘shoe’ horses, however, I am very happy to meet up with your Vet and/or farrier/trimmer to discuss a problem case, whether shod or ‘barefoot’.

[History taking, examination, photographs, report and discussion] 

£100           + travel     (please contact for a quote)

I am very happy to give clinics and talk about any aspect of horses’ feet.
Can be ‘understanding your horse’s feet’, ‘Foot lameness’, ‘Laminitis,
If anyone would like me to give a clinic, whether in my local area or beyond then please contact.